Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Inclusive but exclusive

Friends gather
beneath the inclusive gumtree.
I run between children as separate groups
In the midst of this,
I attempt to meet up with
as they try to grab my attention
happy birthday.


Drowning out all sounds,
as I plunge into the
lukewarm water.
I gasp as I attempt to take
a breath.
I am aware of where I am against others,
aware of my surroundings
but unaware of someone shouting
above the continual splash
of water,
trying to tell me to stop.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Everyday problems

A pounding feeling resounds inside my head
My face scrunches up as the wave
of pain breaks against the shore.
Head splits between normal and
abnormal sections;
white lights blind my eyes
and noises only greaten the pain
but as I take a drink of water,
the pain eases temporarily,
before it continues it's continual crash
in the endless ocean.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Woodford Glen

A vibration of the spectators embankment,
Made eyes open wide.
The yellow and blue car was overturned,
With a frightened man inside.

Everyone flocked to see the sight.
Rescuers gathered to assist,
Ambulance crew arrived,
Turning the car as it appeared to resist.

The driver somehow walked away unscathed.
Swaggered to the grass,
Appearing somewhat casual,
Being followed by medical staff.


I can't move a muscle,
For it will ruin the dance.
As each second ticks by,
My patella can't take the pain,
And my pointed toes are causing cramp.
I wait for the words to come which say,
"Do you hear me calling you".
That signals my arms to move.
The music finally lets me free.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Fight for Freedom

Lyra cowered in fear as the Nazis threatened her with a gun. She held her brother close for protection. Pretending to be dying of starvation, the guards abandoned the pair, giving Lyra a chance to escape. She clambered to the edge of the train, getting ready to jump. Leaping off the Holocaust train, Lyra fled the armed guards, dragging her brother with her. After the jump of death, Lyra and her brother stumbled into a Jewish refugee camp. Looking round for their parents, they found a dug out pit. It was full of rotting, mangled bodies. They identified one body as their mum's. Another pit appeared in the distance. They tiptoed over and a fresh body had been laid recently on the top. It was their dad's... 

Both Lyra and Amos were devastated at the fact that their parents were dead. They spent the whole night weeping with sadness as the fact of never seeing their parents alive again sunk in. Every time they thought of something good, they remembered their parents fate and started to uncontrollably sob again. Although they were both sad, they comforted each other and found happiness in the realisation that they were still together.

Lyra and Amos sat on the dry, dirt ground as the hunger in their stomachs grew. Then Lyra proclaimed that she would leave Amos and scavenge for food. Waving happily, Amos released his sister, unaware of the ominous cloud above them. He paced up and down with worry, waiting for his sister. Realising the situation, Amos crumpled at the thought of what the nazis did to his sister, as the ominous cloud started to leak. Sitting in the rain, Amos pondered of strategies of how to find his sister. Little did he know, Lyra was fine. She was just having trouble carrying all the food back. Hearing footsteps, Amos heard an old man's voice. He told Amos that Lyra needed help carrying the eatable stash. When Amos looked up at the man, he was gone...

Without thinking, Lyra ran to a holocaust train which was seemingly deserted. As she stepped inside, a fluorescent light turned on. Blinded by the light, she collapsed in fear as she thought someone was there. She waited for what felt like ages but there was no movement. She looked up and an old man was towering over her. He said that Amos was sick with worry and told her to hurry home. She covered her face as she burst into tears but when she next looked up, the man was gone...

She started to run home and came upon a brightly lit up house. As she tiptoed inside, a glorious stash of food caught her eye. She started to rummage through it, checking if it was real. Her hands touched the jars of raspberry jam, the packages of fresh meat and fish, tins of tomatoes and the creamy cheese. Her eyes fell upon bags of rice, tea bags, cartons of eggs, peas, tins of fruit, packets of biscuits and cereal boxes. To make her day even better she spied bottles of milk, dried fruit and fat for cooking with. A smile came upon her face and she gathered it all up and attempted to take it home.

Lucky for her she found Amos along the way. They both collapsed with happiness and then they raced back to the stash of food. Somehow, between both of them, they carried all the food back to where they had both been sleeping. They both drifted off to sleep with full stomachs as the night sky pierced through the evening mist. Peacefully sleeping, they didn't notice the old man smiling beside them as his job was done.

By Ruby Wilson and Grace Cater

Friday, 10 July 2015

Wasn't expecting that

Entering the workshop

Nails scattered on the floor

Blue overalls enclothe the man

As his back hunches ......

Over a boysenberry harvester

His hands are black

I wasn't expecting that

We stroll down

the boysenberry aisles

Treading on dark bleeding fruit

White tops stained from juice

He throws one up in the air

Catching it in his mouth

I wasn't expecting that

Hiding underneath

The sterile sorting table

Breathing heavily, heart jumping

A grinning face appears suddenly

Clown like and crazy

From up above me

I wasn't expecting that

"I definitely wasn't expecting that Barry"